Top 10 places to Visit in Nelson

With over 50,000 people in population and the second oldest city in New Zealand, Nelson is no doubt an awesome city filled with outstanding wineries and artistry. Located on the Eastern shore of Tasman Bay, the city is the geographic centre of New Zealand. For decades, Nelson had been a home for holiday-makers and fun-seekers from all over the globe. Before you plan that vacation to this magnificent city, below are top 10 places you should visit:.

  1. Queen’s Garden

Ever had a feeling of paradise on Earth? The Queen’s Garden is a perfect picture of your thoughts. Originally built to celebrate the reign of Queen Victoria, this garden is furnished with a huge spectrum of colours and mild fragrances. The Garden features eccentric antiques, spectacular bits of arts which include- the Boer war gallery, Sentinels, Water wheels, and The Cupid Fountain. 

  1. Nelson Lakes National Park

Spanning over 2,000 sq kilometres, this park is an embodiment of the sort of calmness and mildness every tourist seek. Surrounded by Lake Rotorua and Lake Rotoiti, the park offers great activities like fishing, camping, boating, rafting, mountaineering, cruising and hiking. A perfect spot for couples who need the whole time to themselves and also ideal for group and family hangouts

  1. Tahunanui Beach 

One of the best places every tourist should visit before leaving Nelson is the Tahunanui Beach. Located on the Bay of Tasman, this beautiful beach is furnished with snow white sands, crystal clear water and a shallow slope which ensures the water is warm and peaceful. An ideal place for family reunion/picnics, group parties and team camping. 

  1. Centre Of New Zealand Monument

As the central survey point in the 1800s, this place wholesomely endowed with beauty. You can have a perfect panoramic view of Nelson including all its landmarks from the top of this monument. Tourists are advised to wear thick clothing due to the coldness of its atmosphere.

  1. Saturday Market, Nelson

Located in the epic heart of the city, this is a market where locals and International tourist plunge on Saturdays. Stuffs like beautiful dresses, tasty vegetables and many other things are sold here. The kindness and humility of the store owners remains an attraction for most tourists. 

  1. Natureland Zoo 

If you are an animal lover, then you should visit this zoo. They have countless species of different animals and it’s a perfect place where every kid would love

  1. The Art Gallery, Suter

Get a firsthand view of some of the best art collections in the world in this gallery. Located in Queen’s Garden, it is freely open for every tourist.

  1.   Abel Tasman National Park

Your Nelson tour is incomplete without visiting this famous park. Some of its features include boat cruising, sea watch to view cute dolphins and other sea animals

  1.    Rabbit Island

A land of greenery, the Island is made up of three small Islands namely – Bird Island, Rough Island and Rabbit Island. Filled with awesome broad beaches and mountainous sand dunes, taking a walk and dipping your legs in the white sands will certainly make you feel great.  You can decide to visit them all or choose one and get the best out of it.

  1.    The Classic Cars Museum and World of WearableArt

A great museum filled with garments renowned to be award-winning World WeareableArt. Have a lifetime opportunity to see majestic art works and amazing garments, this is certainly one of the best tourist spots in Nelson.


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